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DarkSpir 4 years ago
Signed by: DarkSpir
GPG Key ID: B94F6B6B205A0DDA
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A dummy bomb for people who like to play Counter-Strike defusal missions with... like... Nerf Guns.
## Disclaimer
This is a toy. Not a real bomb. It is not designed nor intended to be an actual bomb. People don't put OLED and 7 Segment-Displays and a huge amount of LEDs in actual bombs. And they don't put some wacky code-cracking-defusal-game in their bombs. That's what movies do and that's exactly why this looks like a movie bomb. Because it is not a real one. Dear police, please don't kick in my door, I have nothing to do with bomb building. I'm just a Nerfer who want's to have fun with his friends and technology.
## ToDo
- Write a proper README
- Document the code (I wrote it quick and dirty to get it ready for a festival, it has almost no comments in it)